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Do you want to WIN, or just “Be the Winner”?

One of the best aspects of travel (aside from, well, traveling) is that I get to meet real people in pursuit of real goals. I get to discuss SEO and Internet business, plus careers, with people from all over the globe (as long as they speak English, sigh). This includes sharing unique experiences that really . . . → Read More: Do you want to WIN, or just “Be the Winner”?

503: GONE

There have been a few occasions when Googlers stated that a 503 server response code would be interpreted by Google as a “hold on, something’s getting fixed, don’t update the index with what you find here” situation. That made great sense. How else could a tech-savvy webmaster pause re-indexing while performing an update that would . . . → Read More: 503: GONE

We did it to MySpace, We can Do It to Google

Google is very aggressive, purposefully acting to “punish” those who attempt to influence their ranking positions with links or cloaked commercial endorsements. The hypocrisy has reached epic proportions. The blatant anti-competitive actions, the cloaked censorship, and the very effective yet denied stifling of innovation, as if to prevent the web from advancing faster than Google . . . → Read More: We did it to MySpace, We can Do It to Google

Cloud Storage

A poet friend recently got upset about a bill he received for Google’s cloud storage. He wasn’t aware of his wife’s increased use of his online storage account, which incurred a fee on his credit card. He complained to Google, including a small rant: “What the hell is a “Cloud Platform”?????? Do clouds need platforms? . . . → Read More: Cloud Storage

Identity Poetry for Marketers

Identity. It’s central to what matters (to you). And that makes it essential to the art of persuasion. Who I am. Who I think I am. Who you think I am. Who I think you think I am. Who I know I am not. Who I think you think you are. Sometimes, identity it seems . . . → Read More: Identity Poetry for Marketers