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We did it to MySpace, We can Do It to Google

Google is very aggressive, purposefully acting to “punish” those who attempt to influence their ranking positions with links or cloaked commercial endorsements. The hypocrisy has reached epic proportions. The blatant anti-competitive actions, the cloaked censorship, and the very effective yet denied stifling of innovation, as if to prevent the web from advancing faster than Google . . . → Read More: We did it to MySpace, We can Do It to Google

Cloud Storage

A poet friend recently got upset about a bill he received for Google’s cloud storage. He wasn’t aware of his wife’s increased use of his online storage account, which incurred a fee on his credit card. He complained to Google, including a small rant: “What the hell is a “Cloud Platform”?????? Do clouds need platforms? . . . → Read More: Cloud Storage

Identity Poetry for Marketers

Identity. It’s central to what matters (to you). And that makes it essential to the art of persuasion. Who I am. Who I think I am. Who you think I am. Who I think you think I am. Who I know I am not. Who I think you think you are. Sometimes, identity it seems . . . → Read More: Identity Poetry for Marketers

PR is where the Money Is

A shout out to all of you disenfranchised ex-SEO people out there: Public Relations is where the Money Is! PR is a solid career with very little formal credentialing required. Even better, the consumers of PR services have less knowledge about PR than SEO consumers had about SEO! PR is a GOLDMINE opportunity for online . . . → Read More: PR is where the Money Is

Google is an Addict

I have lost a few friends to addiction, and spent a considerable amount of time learning about addiction and the way individuals get caught up in a spiral of destructive, compulsive behavior that eventually destroys them (usually after causing considerable amounts of collateral damage). Let 2013 go down as the year Google became an addict. . . . → Read More: Google is an Addict